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Thursday, June 9, 2011

a picture of a thousand meanings


although i just got a little but there is better than nothing.

the above is a photograph has been taken by a photographer named Kevin Carter. but he was found dead of suicide due to depression. there are various versions of the story about the death of Kevin Carter. maybe some of you already know about this story, but what i want to tell here is about the need for us to be grateful.


kalau korang tak cukup makan, budak perempuan tu langsung tak dapat makan.
kalau korang ada tekanan, budak perempuan tu lagi tertekan.
kalau korang rasa tempat tinggal korang tak aman, budak perempuan tu tinggal di kawasan peperangan.
kalau korang rasa korang gemok sebab terlebih zat, budak perempuan tu langsung tak cukup zat.
kalau korang rasa lebih baik mati daripada hidup, budak perempuan tu gigih hadapi hidup walaupun dia tahu nyawa dia dihujung tanduk.

bersyukurlah. we should be grateful to all that we have.

p/s: written while listening to a song that was sung by shahir. eeww! terasa jiwang sekejap.

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